Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

Intel D875PBZ: Spartan, Slow, Expensive, Continued

Overclocking fans will be disappointed - there are no features, apart from the auto burn function, which prompts the question: which customer is supposed to use this function?

A glance at the benchmark rating shows that the board was below average in all the tests. Out of all the tested candidates, Intel works with the most conservative memory timings; fast CL2.0-2-2.5 timings are not even possible. The bottom line is that this is an extremely pricey, below-average board: just under $200 for zero features - the sales figures will certainly reflect the customers' opinion on this.

Hardware monitor.

Intel - there are no accessories provided.

Our assessment in brief: Intel shocked the THG laboratory with its totally overpriced board - just under $200 without any additional equipment should put the user off buying. Performance is also below average - internal corporate policy prevents better performance. In our view, Intel is blatantly abusing its market position and its name - after all, the manufacturer does not have to pay any license fees for its own chips.

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