Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

BIOStar P4TCA Pro: Good Basis With WLAN, Continued

Unusual packaging format from BIOStar. The shark shows the competition its teeth!

In terms of connections, the manufacturer has installed four USB 2 interfaces in addition to FireWire. Gigabit LAN is available via CSA technology with a Northbridge connection; BIOStar pays Intel a fee for this. Digital outputs for audio are available via the slot bracket included in the product equipment. The inclusion of a voltage cable for Serial-ATA hard drives deserves mention.

The enclosed overclocking tool with an amusing animation is noteworthy: three broken eggs are used for navigation - and a yellow duck runs around inside the biggest egg. Our comment: so far, no manufacturer has dared to come up with something like this, although in the end it's always a question of personal taste.

The hardware monitor from Biostar.

A highlight of this motherboard is the BIOS update function: the integrated Award Flash tool starts automatically in the BIOS at the press of a button, and the software is loaded from the diskette. An update using Windows XP or via the Internet is not possible.

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