Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

Gigabyte: Four Boards With 865 And 875 Chipset

Gigabyte's product range is by far one of the broadest in the entire market. This manufacturer currently offers 15 motherboards with the 856 and 875 chipsets for Pentium 4. These include the following:

Boards with 865G chipset:

  • GA-8IG1000 - Serial ATA & Six-channel Audio
  • GA-8IG1000MK - Intel Pro/100 LAN, Micro ATX
  • GA-8IG1000MT - Realtek 10/100 LAN, Micro ATX
  • GA-8IG1000Pro - Intel Pro/100 LAN, FireWire

Boards with 865P chipset:

  • GA-8IP900 - Serial ATA & Six-channel Audio
  • GA-8IP900-L - Intel Pro/100 LAN
  • GA-8IP900MK - Intel Pro/100 LAN, Micro ATX

Boards with 865PE chipset:

  • GA-8IPE1000 - Serial ATA & Six-channel Audio
  • GA-8IPE1000MK - Intel Pro/100 LAN, micro ATX
  • GA-8IPE1000MT - Realtek 10/100 LAN, micro ATX
  • GA-8IPE1000Pro - FireWire, IDE RAID & Intel Pro/100 LAN
  • GA-8PENXP - DPS2 module, Fire-Wire, IDE RAID & Intel Pro/1000 LAN

Boards with 875P chipset:

  • GA-8IK1100 - Serial ATA RAID, FireWire, Intel Pro/100 LAN & PAT
  • GA-8KNXP - DPS2 module, Intel Pro/1000 LAN
  • GA-8KNXP Ultra - DPS2 module, Intel Pro/1000 LAN, Adaptec U320 SCSI RAID

Four models are represented in our test field: the absolute top model, the GA 8KNXP Ultra, and the smaller version, the GA-8KNXP (both boards come with the 875P chipset) and two 865PE boards, the GA-8PENXP and the GA-8IPW1000Pro.

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