Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

DFI Pro 875 Lan Party: A Feast For The Eyes In The Dark, Continued

The original packaging of the DFI clearly indicates the field of application.

In addition, there are lots of accessories, ranging from the fluorescent IDE round cables, two Serial-ATA connections complete with voltage adapters, a game port panel and an SP/DIF panel without an optical output to a front panel with variable components (FrontX).

On top of this, there is a bag for transporting PC tower, keyboard and mouse, so that the LAN party freak can carry everything on his/ her shoulder. A sticker reading "LAN Party" was designed to create brand loyalty.

Connections with DFI.

Fluorescent round cable with DFI.

Automatic updates for driver and BIOS via Internet.

Our assessment in brief: in spite of the extensive and interesting range of accessories (especially for LAN party freaks), the overall DFI package is not able to giving a completely convincing performance. Slight cutbacks must be made in terms of memory performance and the low-cost components (RAID controller, voltage controller). The automatic BIOS update via the Internet is a positive feature.

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