Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

Aopen AXSPE Max: Restrained Enthusiasm

Intel 875P Chipset
Board Revision 77
BIOS R1.02b (06/25/2003)

Click on image for larger version

The Aopen AXSPE, based on the Intel 865PE chipset, has an even more colorful appearance than the other candidates. This version is an update of the somewhat older AXSPE Max, which we also tested. The only other difference is that the new version is equipped with the fan control "Silent Tek 2."

The features of both 865 boards differ from the AX4C in that the manufacturer uses a four-phase voltage controller. Even in the case of the AXSPE, there is a risk of getting burned!

An ATX12 plug and a fan connection are located near the large cooling element. Our tip is to wait 15 minutes after switching off the system to avert burns. The board did not do very well in the performance test and ended up lower down the field.

The same comments regarding packaging as already expressed about the other boards also apply to the AX4SPE.

Our assessment in brief: this board has a very wide range of features, but the performance level is less convincing. Priced at approximately $190, this board is no giveaway. Users should go for the 865P motherboard from Aopen instead.

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