Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

Aopen AX4C Max: Cooling Element With Possible Danger Of Burning

Intel 875P chipset
Board-Revision 77
BIOS R1.04a (05/21/2003)

In view of the equipment enclosed with the product, the Aopen box is much too small, and, on top of that, impractical. The motherboard, manuals and small parts are enthusiastically squashed into the packaging according to the motto: let's hope it all stays in! This could result in components on the motherboard being damaged during transit.

Compared to the top model Max 2, the AX4C Max has virtually identical features, although a fan has been installed on the Northbridge. The fan control is based on Silent Tek (without microphone input), and a more economical three-phase model has replaced the four-phase controller.

It is unclear why the manufacturer fails to label the pin board in some cases. The board can't quite match the performance standard of the Max2 and ends up lower in the ranks.

Voltage regulator with old construction method.

Users should be warned that a large cooling element on the board (near the Northbridge) gets so hot that the testing engineers burned their fingers. In comparison to the top model "Max 2," the Max costs just under $200 and is therefore almost as expensive.

Careful not to burn your fingers! The cooling unit has a temperature of more than 90° C.

Our assessment in brief: compared to the top model "Max 2," the Max version has virtually identical features, although it lags significantly behind the top version when it comes to performance. At just under $200, you have to ask yourself why you couldn't just as well buy GigyByte or MSI? They have the same features for quite a lot less money.

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