Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

Soltek SL-86SPE-L: Color Me Purple

Intel 865PE Chipset
Board Revision S3
BIOS not given

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The board from Soltek stands out due to its unusual color. Soltek dispenses with both CSA technology and an additional Gigabit chip. Instead, there is outdated 100 MBit network technology. Whoever wants to operate hard drives in the RAID configuration will be disappointed, because neither ICH5 RAID nor a corresponding controller are to be found on the board. A performance test was not possible, as the board arrived too late. A striking feature amongst the sparse accessories is the funny carrier bag. And that leaves the price: Soltek assures it will be an extremely tight calculation.

The customer's first impression may be, "Color me purple!"

Our assessment in brief: Soltek sent the board too late, so a performance test was not possible due to time limitations. Otherwise, the features and included accessories are very meager, so a very reasonable price is to be expected.

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