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Abit IC7-G: For Overclocking Fans, Continued

There are shortcomings too: Abit fails to provide any recognizable labeling of the LED connections or power-on button, so that the user has to work with a flashlight and magnifying glass. (These tools are not supplied with the product.)

Included with the Abit IC7-G

In addition, there are two Serial-ATA cables complete with the necessary voltage cables, a USB and FireWire bracket and the standard IDE connections designed as a practical round cable.

The whole thing costs just under $200, which is by no means a giveaway, but fans of the brand focus more on the oversynchronization capabilities and less on the price. If you can do without the major features, such as FireWire, additional Serial-ATA and Gigabit LAN, you will only have to part with $150 (IC7 version) at your local dealer.

Speed settings

System monitor for Windows XP

Our assessment in brief: the IC7-G is a good choice for confirmed Abit fans, especially if overclocking is the main concern. The silent mode of the fan could stand a bit of fine-tuning. For about $200, this motherboard is no giveaway; your only other choice is the IC7, for $150.

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