Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

DFI Pro 875 Lan Party: A Feast For The Eyes In The Dark

Intel 875P Chipset
Board Revision A
BIOS xxx (06/25/2003)

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Based on the packaging of the DFI, it is clear from the outset: this board is primarily designed for LAN party freaks who spend their nights within a group. And, with this group especially, it's the accepted norm to offer special features. The slots of the motherboard have been furnished with fluorescent colors, so that interesting lighting effects are produced with the aid of an optional black-light tube. The equipment package contains CDS Gigabit LAN, ICH5 RAID for Serial-ATA and an additional RAID controller from Highpoint (HPT372N) - see the test RAID 1.5 With IDE: Added Value Or Eyewash? .

The fact that the manufacturer still relies on a two-phase controller of the old design can probably only be attributed to lower costs. Allowances have to be made for the memory timings: the fastest setting in the case of the DDR400 is CL2.0-2-2.7, which causes the board to lose some of its edge in terms of memory performance. In addition, the voltage has to be increased to 2.7 Volts so that stable operation is guaranteed. DFI ends up in the midfield in the performance test.

The connection box with its exchangeable panels is innovative.

Spartan explanation of the connections; no color-coding.

New from Highpoint: RAID 1.5.

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