New Enterprise Hard Drives: 6 Gb/s SAS And 200 MB/s

2.5”: Fujitsu MBE2147RC (15,000 RPM, 147GB)

Fujitsu’s second sample is the MBE2147RC. This model is limited to either 73.5GB or 147GB, but it is also one of the latest SAS 6 Gb/s designs. Different from the MBD2 RC we discussed on the previous page, the MBE2 RC family is a 15,000 RPM racer. The increased rotation speed increases maximum throughput from about 125 MB/s to almost 150 MB/s and the 102 MB/s average to almost 130 MB/s. 

We found the impact on access time and I/O performance much more significant. This drive’s 5.3 ms access time is second-fastest in this review, putting it head-to-head with Seagate’s Savvio 15K.2, which is faster in Web and file server environments, while Fujitsu dominates in our database and workstation testing. Yet the Savvio 15K.2 prevails over Fujitsu when it comes to throughput and access time. Last but not least, the MBE2 RC delivers the highest PCMark Vantage application results. This, combined with high workstation I/O, makes the MBE2147RC the perfect workstation hard drive.

Once again, Fujitsu continues to impress with excellent power consumption figures. Not even 10,000 RPM drives can improve on Fujitsu’s 4.2W at idle. The MBE2147RC is also the most efficient 15K drive at maximum streaming, including at full HD video playback, where a constant but limited stream of data has to be delivered. As a result, the MBE2147RC is a real winner in both of our efficiency tests. We also recommend comparing this drive with the previous generation, the MBA3147RC, which we also included in the benchmark results charts.

Throughput Diagram

Almost 150 MB/s is an excellent result for a 2.5” SAS drive. However, it can’t beat Seagate’s Savvio 15K.2, which edges out the field at around 160 MB/s.