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Eye Candy: Stereo 3D Imaging

3D Polarization Glasses

Image separationPolarization filter
3D content display onscreen + 2 projectors
ProExcellent display quality
ConSpecial screen necessary, currently limited to projectors
NoteUsed by IMAX-3D

3D Shutter Glasses

Image separation throughsmall LC panel (alternately closed)
3D content display onCRTs, a few special projectors
ProHigh-resolution display quality possible
ConProne to flicker
NoteAttractive price makes it ideal for owners of top-notch CRTs

3D VR (head-mounted Displays)

(Source: )

Image separation throughmechanical design
3D content display onsmall LCD display (1 per eye)
ProPerfect image separation
ConHigh price
NoteHealth concerns when LCD displays are very close to eyes