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Goodbye to Hulking PCs: Athlon Mini-PCs Set The Trend

The Makings Of A Hit: TV Playback From DVD & DivX Movies

Setting the display in the BIOS of the SS40.

In order to enable playback on a TV, these settings should be made.

We were pleasantly surprised by the display quality of the TV-out: the playback of DivX videos (MPEG-4) was especially good, because when played back on TV, there were no black borders framing the image and thereby reducing image size. The integrated SiS graphics can control VGA and RGB outputs simultaneously, although the resolution is restricted to 800 x 600 pixels, even with standard TVs. However, the quality it provides is sufficient for viewing DVD movies and DivX playback on the mini-PC. With its 750 graphics chip, SiS has integrated motion compensation, a resource-gobbling feature that leads to good image display quality nevertheless.

A TV can be connected to the yellow color-coded port (RGB).