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Overindulge Yourself with QX6800

Final Thoughts

My hat is off to the system builders. Not only did they create elaborate systems with high end parts and cooling, but they went the extra step with regard to how they are shipped, modded, and tailored to the customer's wishes. Falcon Northwest delivered stellar performance once again. My favorite upgrade overall was the new packaging, which I think will benefit both FNW and their customers.

I am intrigued by the innovation of the cooler setup offered by Biohazard in the Armageddon. While it still needs to have the kinks worked out, it is something different that only adds to the product lines available to customers. While this is a hybrid of a water cooling system, the company also offers phase change cooling as well as air cooled systems.

What can you expect as a consumer? With the paint job and amazing customer care package with overnight service that accompanies all Mach V systems, the Falcon Northwest system would run just shy of $10,000. The Biohazard Armageddon will hit the market for a little less than $8,000 with its custom cut logos, extreme cooling system and 3-year on-site service package.

Anyone looking for the extreme with customer service should be satisfied. Both builders are enthusiasts at heart, and are looking to make their customers happy. While I don't have the budget to purchase either of these systems for myself, I do have a few perks with my line of work. That is the fun part of this job: I get to play with all of the toys and look at stuff before it comes out. If you are wondering if I would buy either system if I had the money, the answer is "yes and yes".

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