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Overindulge Yourself with QX6800

Final Production Changes For The Armageddon

One thing to keep in mind with this system (as well as all of the others in this article) is that it is an experimental build. All of the systems in this review were put together with processors and motherboards that are for evaluation only - which is obvious when the CPU says "Intel Confidential" and the motherboard boots displaying "For Evaluation Only." You need to keep the mindset that this is a taste of what final production will be like.

That being said, there will be advances on Biohazard's final production build. The most interesting advance from this model to the final production unit will be the introduction of "proactive cooling software" for the cooling unit. This software will allow the system to monitor system activity levels and adjust its cooling abilities to match usage. After all, there are speed controls on fans and pumps, so why not use them? Now the system can be modified to either maximize cooling or be as quiet as possible, depending on the user's preference. Below is a list of additional scheduled changes between the prototype and production model.


  • System will feature wheels (similar to Annihilation)
  • Case will feature interior CCL Lighting with on/off switches for lighting mounted near the power button in the front of the case
  • The hard drives will be mounted in a multi-bay HDD enclosure allowing capacity for 4-5 hard drives, depending on customer configuration
  • Cooling system pump and control board will be remounted to allow for the inclusion of a full length PC Power & Cooling PSU, if customer requests one
  • The half-logo on the front door will be rotated to same orientation as on the Annihilation system
  • Tubing length GPU blocks to couplers will be increased to allow for more aesthetic mounting
  • All internal cuts/modifications will have a more finished appearance
  • All case fans, as well as fans on the cooling unit itself, will be changed to SilenX high-flow/low noise fans.
  • Case exhaust fan will be changed to a 120mmx38mm SilenX fan
  • The heart of the cooling system will be the Boreas Chiller by CoolIT Systems.