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Overindulge Yourself with QX6800

Benchmark Results

Most of the benchmark scores are for bragging rights of the companies involved, and for those who want to see how their systems compare against them. For the most part you should expect the Mach V to win the tests, as it has a faster processor and faster graphics cards. Both systems ran flawlessly throughout the tests, delivering performance levels most people can only dream about.


Of course the overall score is a summation of the parts in Futuremark testing software; the same is true for PCMark05. Faster core clock speeds will aid the speed at which file decryption, text editing, file compression and other CPU intensive tasks are completed. When there is interaction between the CPU and the rest of the system, the speed of the bus between the CPU and Northbridge will come into play. In both arenas, the Falcon system has higher clock speeds, so it will score better.


The same holds true for 3DMark as it did in PCMark05: faster scores higher. Ironically, the score is maxed out on the overclocked Falcon quad core processor at 1024x768 and 1280x1024. Seems we need a faster processor!