Corsair Launches 850W TX series PSU

Corsair launches its new 850-watt TX power supply.

With triple- and even quad-SLI graphics solutions becoming not too unusual these days, it is understandable why the PC enthusiasts of the world often demand powerful power supplies. Although not as extreme as some 2000 W power supplies out there, Corsair has expanded its TX series of high-performance power supplies to include the all new TX850W PSU. Featuring a total power rating of 850-watts, the new power supply takes the place of Corsair's second most powerful PSU.

As for features, the Corsair TX850W has a greater than 80-percent efficiency across 20-, 50- and 100-percent load conditions, a 99-percent Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) rating and a universal AC input that can automatically detect proper voltage. As well, the power supply is cooled by a quiet 120 mm fan, has a mean time before failure rating of 100,000 hours, includes a 5-year warranty and comes Nvidia SLI-ready certified.

As for connectors, the Corsair TX850W includes a single ATX 24/20-pin compatible connector, a 8/4-pin EPS/ATX connector, four PCI-E 8-pin connectors, eight SATA connectors, eight 4-pin perpherial connectors and two floppy connectors. The +12 V rail is dedicated, offering a maximum load of 70 A, and the PSU supports both the ATX12V v2.2 standard and the ATX12V 2.01 spec. The dimensions of the PSU are 5.9-inches by 3.4-inches by 6.3-inches, so make sure your case can fit this beast first.

As for pricing and availability, the Corsair TX850W is showing up on NCIX for $152.99.  If you are looking to save a few bucks though, the lesser Corsair TX750W and TX650W power supplies can be found online at for $99 and $79, respectively.

  Corsair TX850W Power Supply Specifications
AC INPUT1000-240 V ~ 12 A   50/60 Hz
DC OUTPUT+5 V+3.3 V+12 V-12 V+5V sb
MAX LOAD30 A30 A70 A0.8 A3 A
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  • KyleSTL
    Corsair does the responsible thing by underrating its PSUs. Manufacturers like Rosewill, Ultra, etc overrate their products which is dangerous to the consumer.
  • scook9
    i still only see 4 PCIe power connectors, so how does this help triple SLI? looks like you are still buying adapters.

    Dont get me wrong, the TX750 is in my system and i love it, but that PSU is really adept for 2 cards only. It's also interesting to see that they are putting a 120mm fan on the TX850 when the TX750 has a 140mm. I wonder if these are going to be made by Channel Well Technologies as well.
  • ckthecerealkiller
    Thats a heck of a PSU. Especially for only having 1 +12v rail. However this might struggle a bit on a Quad graphics setup.