Gainward To Launch AMD Radeon Products


Graphics card vendor Gainward, previously an exclusive AIB partner of Nvidia, has begun working with AMD and will launch ATI Radeon HD GPU-based products soon, according to market sources. Initially Gainward plans to launch Radeon HD 4850 and 4870-series products, and will follow HD 3800-series cards later, the sources said.

More here at Digitimes.

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  • Lozil
    ATI is having a party time.... All the nVIDIA partners are releasing the ATI cards...
  • randomizer
    Gainward cards are made by Palit, who have been making ATI cards for years. This is a business move only, pretty simple.
  • harrycat88
    Gainward makes good cards. I remember when everyone was making crippled 7800GS AGP cards with only 256MB of memory while Gainward was making 512MB AGP cards that worked just as good as the PCI-E version. It would be nice if Gainward made a 4870 AGP card it would bring life to all those antique systems and save people over $600 or more.