GamersGate VOID is Live, Play for Free After Watching Ad

Digital distributor GamersGate just recently launched VOID, an interesting new concept to digital gaming as it allows players to “rent” a game for free at the expense of watching an ad every time the game is launched.

All that’s necessary to use VOID is a GamersGate account. After selecting the “VOID” tab, users will be able to see the array of games that are available for a VOID download. Each user can only have a limited number of game slots to fill with VOID. After adding a game to their slots, users will be able to download the game an unlimited number of times. After a month’s time, users will have the option to swap out a slot for another game.

Each time a game is booted up, a quick ad will play before the player is allowed access to the game.

Speaking from personal experience, VOID actually works pretty well. I’m not a fan of ads, but the VOID ads are relatively non-intrusive. So far for me, the ads have been a hilariously outdated World of Warcraft: Cataclysm spot that plays each time I boot up my game.

Although the selection of games available via VOID is relatively slim, I think the concept is a great model for videogame rentals. I think it definitely is a good alternative to try and prevent piracy through sheer convenience.

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  • jimmysmitty
    Interesting idea but I feel it might go the away of Hulu. Started just like this, all free content with some adds then it went "Premium" to get anything actually good.
  • plznote
    I think it is a great idea to replace our dying beloved demos. *sniff*
  • Darkerson
    I gave it a whirl, but they only have a few decent games, with the majority being so so. Still a nice idea.