Watch Out GameFAQs: Valve Releases Steam Guides

Valve is continuing its efforts to expand its initiative in transforming Steam to be not only a storefront for developers and publishers, but also a place for community-driven content. Recently, the digital distribution service added a Steam Guides section under the Community tab, allowing gamers to submit guides for games they've been playing.

For gamers who need to check up on a walkthrough on GameFAQs (and find the Steam browser clumsy for browsing the Internet) need not ALT + TAB any longer. Steam Guides are easily accessible in the Steam overlay. Guides are broken down into helpful categories, which can be used as filters when using the search bar. Unfortunately, Steam Guide's filtering ability is still fairly primitive, as users cannot filter for language.

Since Steam Guides is still relatively new, there are only a few guides, even for the most popular of games. Still, that's bound to change with time and an improvement in filtering options.


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  • nolarrow
    Does gamefaqs have the rights to any of the material thats posted by its users?

    Otherwise there is going to be a massive copy pasta fest from gamefaqs to steam guides. To be honest I wouldn't mind, haven't used a gamefaqs in forever but if I needed to it would be nice to just access directly from steam. Can't see gamefaqs being pleased with this though.
  • xenol
    Generally contributors to retain the copyright of their work and who gets to use it At least, that's what I gathered anyway.

    But I feel that this is redundant anyway considering:
    - The overlay has a web browser. Sure it's has no history so if you quit the game you have to go back to it, but I never really had to Alt+Tab out to look at a walkthrough in the first place.
    - For a lot of high-profile games, there already exists a detailed wiki.
  • cewhidx
    Somehow I doubt that Gamefaqs is going anywhere anytime soon...