Unearthed Atari E.T. Cartridges Will be Up for Sale

A little over a month ago, Microsoft headed to New Mexico to dig up the landfill where the Atari game E.T. was rumored to be buried. Microsoft managed to hit pay dirt, not only on E.T., but on plenty of other cartridges. 

Some of these dug up cartridges will be made available for sale at the New Mexico Museum of Space History, according to the Alamogordo City Commission. The other cartridges will be distributed to museums and to documentary-developers Lightbox and Fuel Entertainment. 

The excavation has already been filled back up. Apparently, something like 700,000 games still remain. Those who aren't willing to pay the premium for E.T. could maybe lead an excavation of their own. 

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  • chicofehr
    I wonder if any of them work anymore.
  • spookyman
    I bet they work well
  • whiteodian
    I would drill holes in mine and wear it around my neck with a gold necklace. Mr. T style.