Acer Announces Nvidia-Based HDMI 3D Display

Acer announced today the GN245HQ, the world's first monitor to support Nvidia's stereoscopic technology over an HDMI cable. This means the device can handle input from 3D-equipped Blu-ray players, the PlayStation 3 and other HDMI-based 3D devices while also supporting both the standard dual-link DVI and HDMI connections from your Nvidia 3D Vision desktop.

But there's more. According to Acer, the GN245HQ comes packed with a pair of Nvidia-sanctioned active shutter glasses and Nvidia's 3D Vision IR emitter built right into the panel. "You can enjoy your favorite movies or games with your friends, as multiple pair of glasses can be used simultaneously," the company said.

Outside the 3D aspect, Acer's GN245HQ features a 23.6-inch LED backlit screen with Full HD (1920 x 1080), a 120 Hz refresh rate, a 100 million:1 contrast ratio, and a 2ms response time. For the energy conscious, the display only uses two lamps (instead of the typical four), reducing power consumption by up to 68-percent.

"Offering powerful and exciting graphics as well as top-notch technology, the GN245HQ 3D monitor is particularly well suited for gaming and enjoying movies: the perfect solution for tech-savvy users and gaming enthusiasts," Acer said.

Currently the display is slated for a mid-March release in the UK for £419.99 (~USD $677). So far there's no word on when or if the display will head to the States, however it's highly likely we'll see a local launch sometime during the summer.

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  • eklipz330
    wow that price is terrible! i'd rather get a multiple monitor setup, or maybe spend a little more for an s-ips
  • azconnie
    eklipz330wow that price is terrible! i'd rather get a multiple monitor setup, or maybe spend a little more for an s-ips

    Well, somebody has to pay for the "bleeding edge" crap so we can buy it mainstream in 3 years and laugh at them. When the first LCDs came out they cost $10,000+ now you can get a reasonable one for $200-300. Hence, I'm just gonna watch, and if it pans out I'll partake. I'll remind everyone of the 3D movies available in drive-ins in the 50's though.
  • dragonsqrrl
    Let me guess, another TN panel... although for that price you'd definitely expect an IPS or SPVA. I guess Nvidia 3D Vision integration is the only plus this monitor has. But even considering this added feature, it's still way too much for a TN panel.