iPad Trade-Ins Rise 1,000 Percent After iPad Mini Unveiling

After Apple announced a fourth-generation iPad and the iPad Mini, the cash trade-ins for past models of the tablet have jumped 1,000 percent.

Trade-in site NextWorth said it experienced an unprecedented 1,015 percent increase in iPad trade-ins yesterday following Apple's unveiling of a new iPad. While it didn't divulge how many iPads that translates to, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise due to the third-generation iPad releasing just six months ago.

Elsewhere, another trade-in site, Gazelle.com, confirmed trade-ins jumped 700 percent today, representing a 450 percent increase from Apple's media event. Seventy percent of the trade-ins were attributed to the third-generation iPad.

The iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad 4, which features a Retina display and the new Apple A6X chip, are both due for a November 2 launch.

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  • voodoobunnySeriously, if it's a choice between an unproven tablet with 720p and a well-established powerhouse with industry-leading design, hardware that redefines the entire industry and by far the best ecosystem of apps and accessories ... is it even a choice?

    My entire company is ditching iPad 2's for Surface RT's and Pro's (once they're out). For us, it's a choice between a Windows tablet that's fully compatible with our existing infrastructure right out of the box and a 10" screen iPod who's processor can't even drive 1080p video on it's unnecessarily-high-resolution-but-poor-color-rendition screen. As my company's system admin, i'm very much looking forward to the day that I no longer have to delete and re-add a user's company mail account due to sync issues, and can finally view the entire internet, instead of just 30% of it.

    The iPad is a toy for consumers. The Surface is for people who actually want to accomplish stuff.
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  • fact! over 20% of toms latest news articles are apple related.

    lets boycott apple posts! After this one of course.
  • So that couldn't possibly have anything to do with the Windows 8 release tomorrow, right?

    I'm not saying that Windows 8 is the reason for this, but to attribute it to only the iPad news while ignoring other emerging markets may be a tad short-sighted...
  • obiown77fact! over 20% of toms latest news articles are apple related.lets boycott apple posts! After this one of course.

    And what's the percentage of Windows 8 news coming out?... I'd bet more than 20%...

    My point is, so what? Tech news is tech news. If you want a filter, go to the manufacturer website for news.