Pictures of Notebooks, Netbooks, Desktops @ IDF

There's been some big news at the Intel Developer Forum, but there are also little things that caught our eye. Here are some of those little things from IDF.

Asus netbook with Win 7 StarterAsus netbook with Win 7 Starter

It's Sandy Bridge!It's Sandy Bridge!Arrandale notebookArrandale notebook

Moblin on an Aspire OneMoblin on an Aspire OneMoblin on MIDsMoblin on MIDs

More Moblin MIDsMore Moblin MIDs

Running ClarksfieldRunning Clarksfield

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  • burnley14
    Oooh, pretty.
  • Shadow703793
    No i9 pics?
  • Anonymous
    "Hmmm, so it seems that UMPC's are now called MIDS."

    Agreed with u.
    Every year they try to change the concepts/produts name in order to remain on the market.
    Of course with "little" modifications...