Lian-Li Wants Your Feedback for its PC-A51 Prototype

Lian-Li has built a new enclosure, but it isn't finished yet. The PC-A51 prototype will only be finished once you give Lian-Li your feedback.

The PC-A51 enclosure looks like a typical Lian-Li enclosure, but with a couple of changes. These changes include a side window that's included by default, a number of interior red accents, and a red rear I/O. The PSU is also front-mounted, internally with an extension cable.

Inside, the case is capable of housing up to ATX size motherboards, 280 mm long graphics cards, 175 mm tall CPU coolers, and PSUs up to 160 mm in length. In addition, the case can hold up to five 3.5" drives (or two 2.5" drives per 3.5" drive slot) and a single optical drive. Cooling is achieved by a 140 mm front intake combined with two 140 mm top exhausts, giving the case support for 280 mm water cooling radiators, topped off by a 140 mm rear exhaust. Front I/O connectivity is rather unusual, featuring four USB 3.0 ports, HD audio jacks, and an eSATA port, all hidden below a flap on top of the case.

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback below. If you decide to criticize certain elements of the case, be sure to elaborate on your answer so that Lian-Li can try to find a solution.

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  • jhansonxi
    The location of the "front" I/O ports limits it to a floor position. Seems a bit long also, like it's intended to be a server chassis. I like the color scheme and finish.
  • lancelot123
    Black and red case with a black and blue motherboard..... the horror!
  • axehead15
    I like the idea of the front mounted PSU. It makes a smaller case seem a lot bigger.