A Tale of Two GTs: Radeon X1900GT by Sapphire and Powercolor

PowerColor Radeon X1900 GT

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The PowerColor Radeon X1900 GT is typically priced at around $290. The card is set stock to ATI's specification for the Radeon X1900 GT, with the core running at a frequency of 575 MHz and the memory at 600 MHz (1,200 MHz DDR). The cooler is slim so the card fits into a single slot height and has thin copper fins in the cooler. The fan on the card is not noticeable and, when under load, it did not become any louder.

It has Dual Link DVI out, so this card can power 30" monitors at a resolution of 2560x1600. Equally, the card has 400 MHz RAMDACs to run dual 2048x1526 CRT monitors. The retail packaging comes with all of the cables to use this card for a home theater PC setup. There are two DVI-A conversion adapters, so dual analog displays can be attached. There is a cable for S-video and Composite video in and out as well as a male/male composite and S-video extension cables. Included is also an HDTV out cable and includes Cyberlink playback software.

If things go wrong, PowerColor has a lifetime warranty on its X1900 series products. However, this warranty only includes those who are in the United States and Canada. If you are not a part of that group there is a limited two year warranty. Those who want the warranty must register the product online with PowerColor in order to obtain support. One other thing for the lifetime warranty is that owners need to keep all of the packaging... so don't throw it away!

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