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The Keyboard, Touchpad and More

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Netbook - A Home and Office Powerhouse?

The 1000 line’s 92% of full-size keyboards eliminate the one-finger, almost smartphone-like typing experience of older Eee designs. I have really large fingers and it is an absolute delight to do full double-handed QWERTY touch typing on the 1000HE’s keyboard. For the record, HP offers a similar keyboard in its 10.1 inch display-based Mini laptops.

ASUS made a few changes to the 1000HE keyboard compared with the 1000HA. The right shift key is now in a more logical place to the left of the arrow keys. Also, there are now two FN (function) keys. The new one replaces the now moved right shift key. This makes it much easier to select the functions on the arrow keys and on the keys on the right side of the keyboard. Additionally, the keys are flat on top instead of tapering from a small top surface to a larger base as on the 1000HA. This change and a greater separation between the keys makes touch typing even easier than it is on the 1000HA.

Eee 1000HA KeyboardEee 1000HA KeyboardEee 1000HE KeyboardEee 1000HE Keyboard

Another change from the 1000HA can be found on the bottom of the case. The large raised door through which you access memory, disk drives and other components is gone, replaced by a flat, smaller door. This feat was implemented by rounding the bottom of the case somewhat on the edges to allow for a flat door without decreasing the space inside the case.

Eee 1000HA BottomEee 1000HA BottomEee 1000HE BottomEee 1000HE Bottom

By the way, the 1000HE’s touchpad is nicely placed and easy to use, though I must admit I still prefer using a wireless mouse for most of my work. The computer’s 1.3 megapixel video camera works just fine, especially with Skype 4.0, which is part of the software bundled with the 1000HE.

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