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Codegen MS-32-C9: Fan Controls Included

Casing Out MicroATX

The Codegen MS-32-C9 case offers fan controls as an extra along with a large display. The data can only be read properly when the MicroATX case is in a vertical position. Four buttons are used to set the fan controls, the clock and the four heat sensors. The temperature display can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The two front panels for the 5.25" drive and the front connections are plastic and seem flimsy. Codegen limited its frontal connections to USB and audio ports. No FireWire to be found here. The internal 300 Watt power supply features no connections for SATA drives.

The display lights up only when turned on

Cheap-looking front panels won't hold up

Unspectacular rear view

Sufficient room for mounting the motherboard
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