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Test Results: Thermal And Power

CoolIT Vs. Cogage: Little Water And Big Air Compared

We maintained ambient temperatures between 23.2 and 23.6 degrees Celsius throughout our thermal test, but our charts still reflect “above ambient” rather than absolute temperatures.

The Cogage True Spirit and CoolIT Domino A.L.C. provide similar cooling at the Domino’s highest performance setting, while lower-speed settings cause the liquid cooler to fall behind.

The True Spirit allows some of its air to blow beneath the sink and out its sides, cooling northbridge and VRM sinks. The Domino pulls heat away from these components less effectively.

Because we connected each cooling system to a continuous 12V power source, the Domino’s speed varied with its onboard controller while the True Spirit was stuck at 1,600 RPM. At full thermal load, the Domino’s fan ran at 1,800 RPM in “Quiet” mode.

With no pump to power, the True Spirit is the most miserly.

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