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Dell SR2320L

Three-Way 23" LED LCD Roundup: Dell, HP, And Samsung

The first LCD in our roundup is a budget-oriented option from Dell. At $229, the SR2320L is what you would expect from a 23" LCD priced for affordability: it's big, bulky, and thick.

The front of the display is encased in a piano-black finish. And while this makes for a visually appealing monitor, the glossy trim loves fingerprints and creates reflections in a well-lit room. This can be a distraction if you're shopping for a productivity-oriented screen.

Dell really positions this as a consumer option, mostly to be used for watching movies and viewing pictures. The only place you'll find a matte surface is behind the LCD, near the ports and the neck of the base stand. Visually, this doesn't matter much, because neither area is really visible.

It's a breeze to change OSD (on-screen display) settings. The buttons are placed on the front of the bezel and use capacitive sensors to maintain a low profile. Navigation is naturally intuitive because the labels appear right next to the buttons.

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