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Enermax Modu 87+ 700 W

Roundup: 12 Gaming Power Supplies Compared
By , Patrick Afschar

After the Enermax Pro 87+ dominated an earlier test of mid-range PSUs, we asked Enermax to send us a gaming model as well. The Enermax Modu 87+ is an 80 PLUS Gold power supply rated at 700 W. With a street price of just over $200, it is one of the most expensive PSUs in this test. The first impression when unpacking the Enermax Modu 87+ is positive, but good looks and quality packaging are hallmarks of Enermax. The fan continues to run for 30-60 seconds after shutting down the system in order to dissipate any residual heat as quickly as possible. Enermax calls this feature HeatGuard.

In contrast to the Pro 87+ series, which is 80 PLUS Gold-certified too, the Modu 87+ uses modular cables. Only the ATX and CPU cables are hard-wired. The number of cables and connectors on the Modu 87+ is among the best in this roundup. Eight Molex and SATA connectors should be more than enough for pretty much all systems. The four PCIe connectors allow for several graphics cards to run in parallel. Each of the three +12 V rails can handle a load of up to 25 A.

Enermax Modu 87+ 700 W
AC Input100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
DC Output+3.3 V+5 V+12 V (#1)+12 V (#2)+12 V (#3)+12 V (#4)-12 V+5 Vsb
24 A24 A25 A25 A25 An/a0.5 A3.0 A
Individual Output     6 W15 W
Rail UtilizationSysSysCPU & VGA
Combined Output120 W696 W
Total Continuous Output700 W
Peak Output770 W

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