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Benchmark Results: COD World At War

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 285: A Worthy Successor?

We’ve included dual-GPU cards in today’s comparison, but know that this type of comparison is only fair for people considering the more expensive products on a price-per-performance basis. Because most single-GPU graphics cards buyers would not even consider a more expensive dual-GPU solution, we’ve taken the unprecedented step of arranging today’s charts by performance-per-GPU, rather than absolute performance. Absolute performance numbers are still shown, however.

The GeForce GTX 285 edges out the GTX 280 by around 4% in World at War without anti-aliasing

(AA) or anisotropic filtering (AF), with the lead increasing slightly at higher resolutions.

With 4x AA and the game’s AF slider at its highest position, the GeForce GTX 285’s lead over the GTX 280 extends to an average of over 6%. The card posts its greatest gain at the highest test resolution. Both cards offer smooth game play in this title at all settings.

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