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Benchmark Results: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.

Mainstream Graphics Card Roundup

H.A.W.X. will never challenge Flight Simulator X for realism, but this flight simulator delivers very pretty DirectX 10 graphics and hectic dogfights. Thanks to automatic image stabilization, daredevil flight maneuvers are rendered perfectly and contribute mightily to the game's excitement. In our tests, DirectX 10 crashed at 8x AA and the game and screen went black. Switch to DirectX 9 instead, and the game works at 8x AA and offers frame rates up to 50% higher.

The graphics differences between DX 9 and DX10 are huge, as sunlight effects are sharply reduced and the haze over landscapes and cities goes missing. For our tests, we used DirectX 10 and the High setting, to achieve maximum graphics quality. We used the test sequence Mission: Glass Hammer over Rio to measure FPS. Frame rates were good overall, but AA reduces 3D performance by as much as 50%.

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