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RivaTuner And Precision

Graphics Overclocking: Getting The Most From Your GPU

Riva TunerRiva Tuner

If you’ve relied on RivaTuner to overclock your Nvidia card up until now, we have bad news. The tool doesn’t recognize the newest driver releases and doesn’t cooperate with them. So, ironically, while you are free to choose whatever frequency settings you like on ATI cards, the appropriate section is missing for Nvidia cards. Instead, users are warned that the driver that is currently installed is not recognized and therefore not supported by the tool. Since Nvidia doesn’t provide any driver-side overclocking (Ed.: you can, however, download Nvidia's System Tools utility, which does enable overclocking), that puts us in a bit of a bind.

eVGA PrecisioneVGA Precision

Luckily, there are still some alternatives to RivaTuner. EVGA has tweaked its own overclocking tool, called Precision, quite a bit, and so far, it works with any current GeForce card, regardless of the vendor. Its user interface is well-arranged and offers sensible overclocking settings. You can synchronize your selected clock speed settings with other graphics cards in an SLI setup, test the selected values, adjust the fan speed, and modify the clock speeds of the GPU, memory, and shaders individually. Don’t get carried away though. In our case, the slider allowed settings as high as 1,050/2,250/1,600 MHz (GPU/shaders/memory), which is almost twice Nvidia’s reference settings. The design of the tool’s options menu is reminiscent of RivaTuner.

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