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Light 2.0

Reality Check: 3D Graphics Take On Hollywood

Another effect of HDR rendering is rays of light that finger their way through a dark environment. In Hollywood, these are the famous bullet holes in a corrugated sheet wall through which bright fingers of sunlight fall into the factory hall. The new generation of DirectX 10 games use this effect specifically to reinforce sunsets. If the glowing ball of the sun is hidden by trees or window frames, the light fans out in fine rays.

Dazzle effects are possible with DirectX 9; with DirectX 10 the rays fan out more finely.

The specialty of Crysis and Stalker: Clear Sky, as there is a real change of day to night, the lighting situation changes with the positions of both the sun and the player. The PC effect does not live up to the intensity of photographs or a Hollywood movie; that will only improve with a new generation of graphic chips.

In Dark Messiah there were many level sections in which lighter lighting effects were used.

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