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Benchmark Setup

NVIDIA's New NT-Drivers for Athlon on KX133
Hardware Information
CPU AMD Athlon 800
KX133 Motherboard VIA VT5249B1 Reference Board, BIOS date Jan 4, 2000
Irongate Motherboard Asus K7M, BIOS date Jan 21, 2000, Super Bypass not enabled
Intel 840 Motherboard Intel OR840, BIOS OR840600.86E.0207.P02.
Memory for Athlon boards 128 MB Micron/Crucial Technologies PC133 CAS2
Memory for i840-board 2 x 64 MB Samsung PC400 RDRAM RIMMs
Network Netgear FA310TX
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce256 DDR Reference Board,
NVIDIA Quadro Reference Board
Driver Information
GeForce256, Quadro NVIDIA Reference Driver rev. 3.68
NVIDIA's Special KX133 Driver, rev. 3.76
KX133 Chipset Drivers VIA 4in1 4.19
Environment Settings
OS Version Windows 98 SE 4.10.2222 A / Windows NT SP6a
DirectX Version 7.0
Screen Resolution 1280x1024
Color Depth 32-bit, true color
Refresh Rate 85 Hz
SPECviewperf version 6.1.1
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