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webOS 3.0: Email And Multitasking

HP TouchPad Review: A Tablet For Productivity?


Setup EmailSetup EmailSelect SettingsSelect Settings

The email program is extremely easy to use. No matter how you hold the tablet, everything is displayed in three panels. It is possible to dismiss one panel at a time by pressing the button on-screen with three vertical lines.

Email App: Three Panel ViewEmail App: Three Panel View

Email App: Two Panel ViewEmail App: Two Panel View

Multitasking: Stacked Windows

HP Touchpad: Multitasking

HP's webOS 3.0 features a form of multitasking that allows you to open multiple windows of the same program. For example, every new browser that you open with the “+” button is treated as a sub-window. These function in the same way as tabs on the desktop, but management is a little different. When you return to the navigation pane, sub-windows appear in a stacked deck with the original window. Unfortunately, you can't see each window's content at the same time, which can be a source of frustration if the stack is large and you need to flip between pages.

Interestingly, when a browser is already open, you can create a new browser deck by hitting the Web icon on the main menu manually. This is a very easy way to separate work-related and personal tasks, for instance. And while the grouped windows appear stacked in the order you opened them, rearrangement is possible by holding your finger down on one window and moving it to the desired position in the stack.

Swiping Up To EjectSwiping Up To EjectSwiping Down To Eject ProgramSwiping Down To Eject Program

If you need to dismiss a window (or one in a stack), just swipe up or down on the screen.

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