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The Substance: The SiS 651/962L Chipset

Whoohoo! A Mini PC That Goes To The Max

Compared to other mini PCs, the SS51G Barebone System is based on the latest SiS 651/962L chipset, which makes available important extras like USB 2.0 and an AGP slot. If you prefer, you can use the onboard graphics and leave the AGP slot free. Nothing in its class offers the same choices. Besides Ultra-DMA/133, FireWire (IEEE1394) and USB 2.0, DDR333/DDR266 memory is also supported.

Principal assembly of the SiS chipset as used on the Shuttle FS51 motherboard. Support for an AGP slot is conspicuous.

The brand-new SiS Southbridge 962L supports Ultra DMA/133, USB 2.0 and an IEEE1394a controller.

The features of the SiS 651 (Northbridge) chip: DDR333 support, AGP 4x and onboard graphics.
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