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Benchmark Results: Adobe CS 5.5

Intel Xeon E3-1280 v2 Review: Ivy Bridge Goes Professional

The Xeon E3-1280 v2 is the fastest processor in our Premiere Pro workload, but only by one second.

If you’ve seen this benchmark’s results in past workstation-oriented stories, then you know its outcome varies mostly based on the type of graphics card we use. Because we’re employing a Quadro 5000, CUDA support is triggered and the render takes one minute rather than nine or 10. Consequently, CPU performance is deemphasized, yielding the tight grouping between the three Xeon chips tested.

Although our Photoshop filters aren’t accelerated by CUDA, the numbers continue to place these three chips close together. The Ivy Bridge-based E3-1280 v2 does take first place by a slim margin, followed by the first-gen E3-1290 running at the same 3.6 GHz.

Adobe’s After Effects is baffling. Although it’s able to utilize many threads, it rarely seems to scale clearly based on processor performance. And the more threads you break an After Effects render into, the more memory the application seems to want. Because very specific compatibility requirements limited the number of modules in our lab that would work on Intel’s motherboard, it looks like After Effects probably would have been happier with more capacity.

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