SimCity Receives Major Update with Version 2.0

On April 22, EA took all of SimCity’s mandatory servers offline to roll out the title’s first major update “which contains a number of top-requested bug fixes and improvements”.

The full list of changes made with in the Version 2.0 Update is available on EA’s Official SimCity Forums and we’ve provided some of the more significant additions and fixes below:

  • Mayors Mansion: Mayors will now drive their fancy cars to work. Mayors will take their helicopter, limo, or sports car if the modules are present.
  • HUD: Now color-corrects when in a colorblind mode.
  • Data map: Data maps show the filtered color when a color filter is enabled (unless in a colorblind mode)
  • Cities not Processing: Mitigates some of the issues that were causing cities not to process. We are continuing to work on and improve this issue.
  • Invitations: Invitations to join a region should be sent and received more quickly.
  • Tourism: Fixes for unexplained fluctuation of tourists. Tourists more smartly counted on transit.
  • Casinos: Casinos tuned so that Gambling will be a more profitable specialty. Players can bulldoze and replace existing casinos to see effects of tuning.
  • Region Play: Cash gifts can now be received in a bankrupt city.
  • Education: Fixed school buses getting stuck at the high school. Existing Schools will fix themselves.
  • Education: Fixed school buses picking up students at neighboring cities that didn’t have school bus stops.
  • Fire Service: Fire Trucks don’t clump, dispatch to fires more efficiently.
  • Water: Water pumps are now capable of pumping water from rivers at a larger radius so they can take better advantage of the water table in a city.
  • Higher density residential buildings are no longer blocked from going abandoned due to not having enough money.
  • Happiness from low taxes does not double up every time it is given.
  • Losing happiness due to not having a job is more impactful.

Stay tuned for our impressions of the new patch.

  • dalethepcman
    Well V2.0 didn't fix the game (no offline mode), so this is still a no go for me. This franchise is now dead to me, Thanks EA.
  • aoneone
    Thank you EA for 2.0 patch update. Everything works perfectly now, even cheetah speed mode! ^_^
  • bak0n
    Was about to post saying the same thing dale did. They apparently don't get that their financial loss isn't about "patching" its about implementation that is keeping many of us from buying their products
  • icepick314
    some people like the game...some don't...others didn't even bother with it...

    I suspect EVERYONE will hate the game 5 years later because EA/Maxis decided to take the servers down because some excuse (not enough players, new game, ect) while I can still play SimCity 2K, 3, and even 4 with mods...
  • bryonhowley
    Until they fix the real problem, no offline mode, I will not buy.
  • dark_knight33
    How many franchises do EA & Ubisoft need to kill before they get that "always-on" DRM for single player games doesn't work?
  • bee144
    Doesn't address some of the game mechanics that are flawed like the RCI system not needing I... This game is just a bunch of fluff. EA, your customers are smarter than you think. Never buying EA again.
  • Paul S1
    Unless the always on-line "bug" is fixed I will not be buying. It is a shame, I have bought every version of Simcity from the very beginning.
  • alidan
    10707065 said:
    How many franchises do EA & Ubisoft need to kill before they get that "always-on" DRM for single player games doesn't work?

    dont you listen to them... sim city isnt a single player game, its an mmo

    yes... that is what they call it.
  • rmiiirusty
    Still no offline play? Oops still broken!!!!