Bethesda: Wolfenstein TNO Is Similar to Uncharted

Although I didn’t see any evidence of this type of gameplay during my hands-on at E3 2013, Bethesda's VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines told IGN that the upcoming FPS Wolfenstein: The New Order is more like Naughty Dog's Uncharted series than a mindless shooter. Sure, if you say so.

But let's be fair. The first demo shown behind doors -- the one where the gamer must prove himself to Frau Engel and her sidekick -- showed that there is more to the game than run-n-gun action from start to finish. Hines indicated that the team was inspired by Quentin Tarantino movies, how it moves from a creepy "bar thing" to over-the-top killing with "ridiculous commentary and internal monolog."

"When you figure out what Wolfenstein is actually doing here, what it's about and what they're trying to bring to the table, I think there is something there for folks who say, 'yeah, I want to shoot things, but I want some other stuff too,'" he said. "It starts to feel a little like Uncharted, where there's more going on."

"That's one of the reasons I love Uncharted," he added. "It's one of my favorite series on any console, just because of the things it does outside of the shooting that are so compelling and interesting. I couldn't wait for the next cutscene, because the cutscenes are so good. There's something similar to that here, enjoying the non-shooter parts to that extent."

As previously stated, some of the elements used in Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness (which were developed by Starbreeze Studios whose key members now reside at MachineGames) are spilling over into Wolfenstein: TNO. ZeniMax acquired MachineGames back in November 2010, which is now currently developing the new Wolfenstein installment (aka reimagining).

"When we looked at it, we wanted to put our own take on it, so it still has the crazy, over-the-top action, but it has all these other elements to it now,” Hines said. "They're adding character and story and other stuff that's not just a straight-up shooter all the time. It's not monotonous. You're starting to get a little taste of that. I think it's hard to put in the full context of what it feels like across the whole game, as you're taking that roller-coaster ride."

The full interview can be read here. Honestly, it's starting to look like Wolfenstein: TNO is what Duke Nukem Forever should have been. We'll see.

  • vertigo_2000
    Yay, just what every gamer loves, more cutscenes. Seriously though, if done right, they can add to the experience and help tell the story (ie. Half-Life). I do love the Uncharted series, but the cutscenes were average. Some were too long, but they did push the story, so they were a success IMO.
  • vertigo_2000
  • robochump
    Games are more satisfying when you feel more emotionally involved. I have been bored with shooters because many of them are rinse/repeat run and gun which I never complete. Games like Half-Life have a great story and makes me want to complete the game to learn about what happens next...give me HL3 too already!!!
  • -Fran-
    As long as it's *not* 5 minute gameplay and 15 minutes of cinematic, I welcome the idea... Uncharted was like a bloody guided video walk through.

    If it is like that, we'll have a problem there, I'm sure.

  • yobobjm
    The term extreme linearity comes to mind, and it's not a pleasant thought.