Latest Version Of 'Unreal Tournament' Adds New Armor System, Warm-Up Mode

Even though you can play the new Unreal Tournament, it’s still in its pre-alpha stages, which means that Epic Games is always adding new content and improvements to the game. The latest build for the shooter includes a new armor system, adjustments to the heads-up display (HUD), and a warm-up mode before the start of every match.

The new warm-up mode was added so that ready players could have something to do while they wait for the game to start. Warm-up mode also allows for a longer time to fill in the empty player slots before the actual game starts.

When you do enter the game, you’ll notice some changes to the HUD, most important of which is that it now supports a horizontal weapon bar, although you can revert back to the original vertical weapon bar if you wish. Weapon crosshairs are also more visible, and the paper doll figure in the armor/health widget is removed due to the new armor system.

Speaking of which, the new armor replaces the thigh pads and vest items with small (50 armor points) and medium (100 armor points) armor, respectively. The shield belt, however, is still around and provides 150 armor points. Each player starts with 25 armor and can retain up to 100 armor points. If you happen to have between 150 and 100 armor, it will absorb 100% of damage. If you have less than 100 armor, it will absorb only 50% of damage.

The developers also made some changes to weapon statistics and added a menu to make it easier for you to group and customize your weapons. More changes are bound to come in the next build, and as always, you can read the full details of each update in the developers’ patch notes.

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  • fikuserectus
    Yawn. Still no vehicles. When will they be added? 2024? Game is dead until vehicles are added.
  • jasonkaler
    "Pre-alpha stages, which means that Epic Games is always adding new content and improvements to the game."

    Pre-alpha means they haven't even finished it yet.
    "adding new content and improvements" makes it sound like the development is actually complete.
  • gio2vanni86
    Don't know why the complaints. It's a free game. Some people seriously need to unscrew their heads.
  • wifiburger
    ok that game along with Gears 4 look like crap
  • Onus
    As much fun as I had playing UT G.O.T.Y. and UT2K4, I could see getting this. Can this be downloaded from Epic's web site? I can't check at work, so...