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Report: Nvidia GeForce Titan Might Outperform GTX 690

Earlier we showed you the upcoming GeForce Titan, and explained that the performance would be at around 85 percent of that of the GeForce GTX 690. In light of new rumors, according to WCCF, this might not be the case, and the GeForce Titan might actually exceed the performance of the GTX 690.

Nvidia's GeForce Titan will be based on the GK110 GPU, a GPU previously only found on Nvidia's Tesla cards, the K20 and K20X.

The rumors haven't been verified since PCOnline has not named their source, but claim that it is a reliable source. Their source says that the GeForce Titan scores X7107 points in 3DMark11, in extreme mode, a massive jump above the GTX 690. The GTX 690 alone already scores just shy from X6000 points with the same benchmark under the same conditions. The most staggering part though is that the Titan, a single GPU part, outperforms the GTX 690, a dual-GPU part.

Another leak indicates that the GeForce Titan's PCB is similar to that of the GTX 680, but will carry 6GB of 384-bit memory.

Other reports suggest that the upcoming GeForce Titan will also not be called the GeForce GTX 780, nor will it take a GTX 600 series name. It will simply be called the GeForce Titan, likely inspired by the by the Cray Titan supercomputer, which houses nearly 19 thousand Nvidia Tesla K20X cards.

Availability is rumored to be around the end of February with a hefty MSRP of $899.

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