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Mozilla Adopts Real Life Firefoxes to Celebrate 7th Birthday

Last week, Mozilla's Firefox browser turned seven years old. To celebrate this milestone, the company has adopted several red pandas cubs (also known as firefoxes). Named Dolly (after Dolly Parton), Bernadette and Winston, the three cubs are said to be quite happy in their new home at the Knoxville Zoo. You might remember Mozilla adopting a couple of red panda cubs earlier this year. Dubbed Spark and Ember, the two pandas resided at the Knoxville Zoo until they were fully grown. They were then shipped off to Cleveland Metropark Zoo and Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City, Kansas, with the goal of having some cute cubs of their own next year.

During their time at the Knoxville Zoo, viewers watching the Spark and Ember via live webcam racked up half a million hours of viewing. Once again, Mozilla has set up a live feed that will allow people around the world to keep an eye on the three cubs. Check it out at