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iPhone Demand Slips as Galaxy S3 Interest is "Red Hot"

While Apple's iPhone remains the most coveted smartphone among potential consumers, Samsung is enjoying an "explosive wave of momentum" with its in-demand Galaxy S3.

451 Research's ChangeWave service surveyed more than 4,000 consumers in North America who are looking to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days, with half planning to purchase an iPhone. However, it represents a decrease from 71 percent it boasted during the previous quarter's survey, which was carried out as the iPhone 5 launched. Still, it represents a "solid showing" for Apple.

21 percent of prospective buyers are planning to purchase a Samsung device, representing an increase from 13 percent in September. Out of those planning to buy a Samsung handset within the next 90 days, 69 percent are interested in the Galaxy S3, with 23 percent preferring the Galaxy Note 2 phablet.

"Consumer buying intent for Samsung smartphones has been extraordinary to start the year," said Paul Carton, vice president of research for ChangeWave. "Considering the Galaxy S3 has been out for several months we'd normally expect a slowdown by now — but it's still red hot. We're also seeing strong interest in Samsung's large-screen phone — the Galaxy Note 2. Supersize smart phones are taking the industry by storm in 2013."

ChangeWave also asked current smartphone owners how satisfied they are with their device. Categorized by mobile operating systems, Apple's iOS came out on top with 71 percent of users expressing their satisfaction with the iPhone's OS.

Surprisingly, Windows Phone followed in second spot with 53 percent of users stating that they're satisfied with the platform, while Google's Android came in third with 48 percent of users; fourth-placed RIM settled for 26 percent.

Samsung's Galaxy S3 has sold over 41 million units in seven months, while the Galaxy Note 2 sold upwards of 5 million units during its first two months of availability. Samsung expects a record profit of $8.3 billion during 2012's fourth-quarter.

As for Apple, it's not such a bright outlook. As well as reports suggesting that it cut the iPhone 5's production by half, the company recently experienced its largest stock decrease in 11 months.

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