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Can a Smartphone Be Considered a Body Part?

Would you say your phone is equally important as a bone in your body?

If you answered this question with “no”, then you are probably not part of the generation Y, which, according to Cisco, thinks that smartphones are an extra appendage to their body. 40 percent of Gen Y respondents to Cisco’s 2012 Connected World Technology Report said that would feel like some part of their body was missing if they did not have access to their phone.

Other results included findings that almost 90 percent of respondents share and store photos online, 81 percent show different identities online and offline, 57 percent share their email address if they receive some sort of discount in return, and 66 percent said they do not appreciate being tracked by employers.

Of course these findings might get marketers excited, but there are challenges as well. For example, employers will have evolve with this trend and address problems and opportunities. Today, your addiction to your phone and the desire to share your life with the rest of the world could easily get you in hot water, but in the future, you might be able to claim that your phone is really your 207th bone in your body and Facebooking, sharing and tweeting, as a result, is a basic need in your life.

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