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Case Master's Ultracool II Digital

Regulated Coolness: Case Master Ultracool II Digital, Continued

Naturally, the correct placement is very important, as the fans are regulated according to the temperature measured at the sensor's location. Unfortunately, this is also the only way to influence the fans' speeds, since Case Master's design doesn't allow for manual regulation of the fans. Therefore, the CPU sensor should be placed as near as possible to the processor core. A good location would be the lower edge of the processor cooler.

The fan speeds differ for each of the three connectors available. The maximum rpm is reached much earlier for the hard drive and system fans than it is for the CPU. It seems that airflow out of the case seems to have taken a higher priority than active processor cooling when Case Master designed this system. We can't say whether that was a wise decision, as the thermal conditions differ too greatly from once case to the next.

Using the Ultracool II is a piece of cake, since Case Master has implemented a simple, hierarchical menu. The user can set a temperature at which a warning signal (both optical and acoustic) is activated. Unfortunately, the user-defined warning temperature is not equivalent to the maximum temperature, which would trigger an increase in fan speed and consequently better cooling.