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Desktop Datastore: Accusys Acuta 4S

Summary And Conclusion: Easy To Handle, But Expensive

This system could have convinced us of its worth in testing, because its performance is reasonable and it's so easy to install. After inserting the power and SATA cables all that was needed was to boot the host PC, so it could recognize the Acuta 4S as a normal SATA hard disk.

But we judge both the LCD display on the front panel and the bundled software to be worthless. Apparently, the company took its own concept of simplicity in management a little too literally.

Dropping the LCD display could permit the vendor to lower its prices somewhat, but that would have little impact on a unit with such a high base price. Though the device provides a simple, workable RAID-based storage solution, overall costs must also include the cost of up to four hard drives as well.