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The Best For Freaks: 10 Motherboards using the BX-Chipset

QDI BrillianX 1S/2000

Board Revision: 2.0

BIOS Version: 1.3 (January 11, 2000)

The BrillianX 1S/2000 comes without special features like a sound system or an ATA66 controller. However, it to comes at a more atractive price than other BX models. You can easily recognize the QDI boards by their deep green PCB. And this one is the only model coming with three ISA slots. That's very useful for people who still use a lot of ISA cards.

Three DIMM sockets are present for modules of 256 MBytes each. The CPU settings are done in the BIOS (Speed Easy), which the manual described in eight different languages. But there are no options to change the PCI and AGP dividers, neither is there an item to alter the CPU voltage.

The BrillianX 1S/2000 ran fast and stable at 133 MHz FSB. In Expendable, it was slightly slower than the competitors, which I don't consider as important, as the BX is still the best overall performer.

There is nothing bad to report about the QDI board. It might come without any special features, but it offers great performance and excellent reliability. Everybody who still needs three ISA slots should find it a very suitable board.