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SBM 4: Overclocking The Competitors

Synthetics, Continued

Sandra shows about a 30% performance increase with the overclock in CPU performance, and about a 12% increase in memory performance.


All three of our marathon systems have demonstrated the ability to be pushed harder, and to deliver notable performance gains.

Tomorrow, in the final part of our marathon, we will compare all three systems to each other, side by side. We'll show you which delivers the best value and how fast the high end system is compared to its peers.

Editor's Opinion

As one of the writers involved in the marathon, I'm curious if the quad-core CPUs will show any appreciable advantage over the dual-core system when they're all running at a high clock speeds. It'll be nice to have the data laid out side by side and see the value analysis; it will probably have a great deal of impact on whether I recommend the Q6600 or the E6750 in the future.

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