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TFT Guide - Part 2 - Viewing Angle Technologies

Evaluating Different Viewing Angle Technologies

Figure 4: MVA offers faster response times and very good viewing angles, however, the market share of Fujitsu's technology is still quite small.

The TN+Film solution does not result in notable improvements in the response time. Having said this, these systems are low-cost, have a high production yield and improve the viewing angle to acceptable values. The market share of these displays will fall back in the long term.

IPS can already claim a high share of the market as there are a number of manufacturers, e.g. Hitachi and NEC, that have backed this technology. Decisive factors for the success of these displays are the high viewing angle up to 170 degrees and the acceptable response times.

From a technical point of view, MVA is the best solution. Viewing angles up to 160 degrees are almost as good as cathode ray tube monitors. The response times of approximately 20 milliseconds are also suitable for video playback. The market share of these displays is still very small but growing.